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Collectors and History Lovers,
Architecture fascinates me and I believe its preservation is of vital importance and a reason to celebrate its beauty and contribution to the landscape.  I have had the pleasure of doing a few commissions of  architectural landmarks across a broad geographic area and mixture of styles in several countries. I have portrayed countless private residences. One of my commissions spread across sixteen states,  featured historic landmarks in a traveling show  before being acquisitioned permanently to a headquarter boardroom.
 I collaborate on special projects brought to my attention and  initiated my own on occasion.  With limited and signed  editions I  have been able to personally contribute  to worthwhile preservation efforts.  A few examples are highlighted below; some related licensed products are available in my ''Lucky Vault'' (linked at the top of each page by red shopping bag)  Collaborating on large projects is pure pleasure. Who knows which one will be next --perhaps yours!

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 Mont-Saint-Jean Museum
Permanent Collection Waterloo, Belgium



  The Cost of Waterloo, 1st Corps Dressing Station at Mont-Saint-Jean-Farm 19 June 1815'

...honors the medical staff deluged with 6800 casualties during one day of the Battle of Waterloo at this one field hospital. One of the most beautiful farms of the Napoleonic era, located in Mont-Saint-Jean near Waterloo, Belgium is being restored to its former glory in stages due to the size and complexity. Micro-brewery, Restaurant, Medical Museum, Events Center, Outdoor Garden & Walking pathsLook for TBH stationery with historic motifs, offered exclusively in their spacious gift boutique of Belgian products.  [see also Testimonials]


Fruit de Mer
Belgian Coast


Fruits de Mer 

Click to flip through a small booklet of historical and technical details of oversized painting
[United Nations Heritage]

Maison Paris


Back Story Coming Soon

 insight into the macabre history associated with this historical reconstruction and why it became known as
Chateau Tremblant

and the famous officer amputee that is associated with it.
Lord Uxbridge

giclees and postcards available

Le Château des Fougères



This 18th century  chateau  once housed orphaned children during the WW2.  A special edition gicleé on canvas is a copy of the sold out limited edition holiday card commissioned by the International School of Brussels
. Artistic license is taken to replace the modern day parking lot in the foreground with a winter playground .   Parents can request their giclee to customized with their child/children added to the area.  A Spring setting is also available with the same option in my ''Lucky Vault''  (icon top right). To arrange your acquisition email me.


Le Château des Fougères


Spring Setting

This 18th century  chateau housed orphaned children during the WWII.  A special edition giclée on canvas is available in 16 x 20 format or other sizes by special order
. Artistic license replaces the modern day parking lot in the foreground with a children's playground .   Parents can request their giclée to be customized with their child/children added to this area  to my email, 


National Historic Register 
Landmark Portrait



Attributed to 'The Academy' ,  an oversized graphite drawing formed the basis for a limited edition print. This beautiful historic residence passed down among a prominent textile family, was converted to a private school.  A percentage of the sale  was  donated to maintain this unique turn of the century landmark. Officially protected by the National Historic Register, this stately residence is one of many equally beautiful homes lining the main street in the city of Concord, North Carolina.  The original, oversized drawing is in the collection of the artist. A signed and limited edition sold out. It has since reverted back to original use as a private residence.

  Chateau de La Hulpe &
Domain du Solvay

This beautiful chateau  typifies some of the most beautiful architecture in Belgium with its stunning turrets, English, French and Sculpture gardens, important aquatic life in the surrounding ponds, and walking paths   among the nature reserve of the estate. 
To purchase a limited edition giclée, visit my  Lucky Vault (icon  top right of all pages) or get a copy of the book with my publisher

Preview the companion book  here  for the perfect gift or acquisition duo.






Chateau Beloeil

  Castles, are magnificent architectural landmarks, but behind the scenes, they require many types of specialized artisans to maintain their unique,  historic features.  I spearheaded the re-upholstering of the 14-seat set French salon furniture inside Beloeil Castle.  As an active member of a charitable preservation group dedicated to this castle, we took on various projects  prioritized during direct  discussions with the principle owner. Many Belgians refer to it as the 'Versailles of Belgium'. The pieces were in threadbare state before they were replaced with new silk brocade with a period-correct motif.

Photo:  Pinning fabric in place to match the repeat pattern, centered on each piece of the salon furniture which also  included a rare four-seater sofa.  Visitors can see the antique furniture in the castle interior, especially in its glory,  during the annual Amaryllis Exhibition.


Creating art for meaningful collections--perhaps yours!