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Copyright is a contractual, international agreement which protects artists by clarifying the ownership of the creation. Simply said: If an artist creates something original  the copyright   belongs to the artist, unless it is otherwise legally  transferred and clarified in writing.  My copyright policy for this website is simple and stated below.

Wardrobe Wise©,  Image & Design©,  TBH Atelier© and  What Knot to Wear© ,  plus all other images except those indicated otherwise,  are protected by the artist Teresa Beth Hough.

All physical artwork, web images and custom graphics created in this website, are copyright of the artist, Teresa Beth Hough, unless other credits are indicated.

All rights are  reserved by the artist from origin date of the website (1996,its re-design in 2012 to the present) or the individual artwork which has its own time frame.

Art purchases pertain to the artwork originally produced by the artist only and not the copyright of the artwork, unless agreed upon in writing.

Teresa Beth Hough retains all copyrights to artwork, images, and web design herein unless otherwise indicated. Any use of the materials with which the artist creates -- 2D and 3D art; such as, works on canvas, paper, sculpture, sculptural medals, digitally or technically manipulated web images or other graphic use, including reproduction, conceptual sketches and presentations,  modification, distribution, or re-publication, such as on social network profiles or albums for private or professional use  - is prohibited, without the prior consent of Teresa Beth Hough in writing.

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My studio and administrative working hours are in the GMT time zone (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Brussels).  Communication coordinates are with the Contact link at the top of any page. Under normal business circumstances, my personal goal is to respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.  I work on location sometimes and  check emails only in morning or evening.  If you have an urgent matter, call or text me.  Best social network methods are WhatsApp,  Skype & Facebook.

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