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Still Life


I consider all of my paintings in one form or another to be portraits. They are the lifeblood of the art world. Go into any museum in the world and  no matter how large or small it might be,  you will always find at least one in the collection.
-Jamie Wyeth


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   Creating art for meaningful collections--perhaps yours!  



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Do you have an idea of your perfect painting
yet it remains too elusive to grasp in the
 galleries you frequent?

Leave it to an experienced professional who can fulfill your express wishes or to surprise someone who admires the unique and seems to have everything.  There are many artists and each offers a unique package of skill and value. Scroll down to see a few topics my clients found worthy of their patronage.  This will help you to formulate appropriate questions with grace and confidence in your effort to reel in your dream artwork in a big sea of possibilities. Perhaps you will not have to look further. I would delight in guiding you through the straightforward, easy process, supported by the principles and high standards endorsed by  the Portrait Society of America and Cecilia Beaux Foundation in whose membership I earned alumni status.  -Beth


vetted skills
As an experienced, professional artist, painting many type of textures and backgrounds comes with the territory. You benefit from my award-winning skills in several media and many subjects that gradually led me  to a well-honed specialization in portraiture.   I keep my skills sharp by creating other types of paintings such as plein air landscapes, competition pieces, and complete solo expositions. These works are immediately  available in my studio, can be shipped internationally or curated in public expositions. My clients benefit from an almost limitless range of commission possibilities, not just in portraiture.  My effort to maintain and grow recognition of my work to an increasing geographic expanse makes your acquisition a worthy candidate to rise in value in the long term after the first criteris is met-- to first be a beautiful work of art.

price range
Portraits are as individual as the people who sit for them.  The prices vary due to the range of media and level of complexity I offer.  If the fee and descriptions shown in the brochures above are not specific enough for what you envision, please contact me. There are several options and I am happy to offer guidance in any stage.

As an alumni member of the Portrait Society of America, an international non-profit organization, whose mission is to educate, promote and reward the highest standards for artists to  practice portraiture and other genre, you benefit from arguably the most respected and comprehensive resource available in this genre.  Added to the comprehensive and easy-flowing collaboration between  artist and patron, and as a result of the confidence gained from PSA mentors who are considered to be the best in the business, I minimize any risk to you by confidently offering a satisfaction guarantee to all of my clients.

additional portrait figures
 ...on the same canvas are not discounted.  However, additional figures in the same family, on separate canvases, are 10% less than list price, when placed on my waitlist within six months of the first order.

Having founded and managed my own successful framing and art gallery, you benefit from my qualified training and experience. I can provide professional advice on conservation and care for your artwork right down to the most appropriate illumination with regard to the place it will or should hang.


Having worked for an international Fortune 500 on Wall Street,  you can expect a written summary of expectations based on  your wishes. I keep you well-informed in each phase of the process and honor a satisfaction guarantee policy through to final delivery and your ultimate satisfaction.

 A selection of references and testimonials are available on the ''Comments'' page accessed in the top banner of most pages.


The possibility to turn what you envision into a stunning work of art could be
 just a click away...

 Contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation. -Teresa